Twin Screw Barrel

Twin Screw Barrel.

Twin Screw Barrel
Rudra Industries is manufactures twin screw barrels starting from 35 mm to 110 mm screw diameter. Rudra industries is manufactures screws and barrels according to present market needs like high filler, low filler application and ISI grade. We, at Rudra industries follow all standard manufacturing process and adhere all standard norms of manufacturing.
With our expertise in our domain, our company is involved in dealing a quality range of Twin Screw Barrel . These products are hardened and quenched in state. Twin Screw Barrel is widely used in different applications and offer trouble-free performance. These products are well known for their wear and tear resistance and durability.
  • Features:
  • Accurate dimension.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Robust.
Rudra industries are one of the largest suppliers of twin screw barrels in Ahmedabad (India). The size of the barrels ranges from 35mm to 110mm diameter. As per the present market condition which requires a higher filter, as well as row filter and ISI grade. A standard manufacturing process is achieved through a very unique design of the twin-screw barrel which is such that less area is consumed and more output is achieved.

Rudra Industries India also offers twin-screw pair, that is anti-corrosion and also safe wear, which is a high calibre and superior rate with covering. When the screw is planned, it can be connected to PVC process channels and aggravating profile that is created. All extruder making organizations use our manufactured twin screw matches and twin screw barrel.

Twin-screw barrels are in high demand in the market due to their working condition and the amount of load they can take. A huge supply of such barrels is required for various conditions. The screws have to be fabricated using the best and most innovative cutting edge innovation and machine with different highlights.

Some of the cutting is done using solid capacity, strength, and fitting that is accurate. Rudra industries are the highest quality suppliers of twin screw barrel making it involved in dealing with a quality range of twin screw barrel. The products are always created using hardened and state which is quenched. The twin-screw barrel is often and most probably used in various applications.

One of the major characteristics is accurate dimensions, because of which it is very helpful in the fitting. The twin screw barrel that is manufactured by Rudra Industries is a helpful and perfect fit because our tools are precise and very accurately manufactured.

Our twin screw-barrels are designed in such a way that they are perfectly usable in plastic industries. Ideally suitable for plastic machinery, plastic extruder machine, single screw extruder, plastic injection modelling machine and more.

Rudra industries venture in some of the biggest manufacturers of twin screw barrel in Ahmedabad. Moreover, an extensive scope of items for various applications is produced. Their twin screw barrels are made from utilizing trend-setting innovation and helping different production methods.

One of the other benefits is rust resistance, which means the barrels are long-lasting.

At Rudra Industries, we are dedicated to helping Rudra Industries is makes Twin-screw barrel, we tend to in addition supply combine that reacts anti-corrosion and wear safe with high calibre and superior rate with covering.

New planned screw, which can be connected to method PVC channels and profiles exasperating area unit created by the U.S.A. We tend to collect twin screw matches and twin-barrel of all the notable extruder creating organizations.

We at Rudra Industries product most affordable and useful twin-screw barrel. The one of a kind plan of screw barrel is to such an extent that it devours the less space and gives the high yield. Twin-screw barrels are demandable in the market in light of its working.

We have supplied such huge numbers of screw barrel in India and over the globe.